Kerala: 8 college students hospitalised after gas leak

The incident took place when a tanker truck from Karnataka discharged hydrochloric acid while en route to Ernakulam
Kerala: 8 college students hospitalised after gas leak
The students were rushed to the hospital when they started having breathing difficulties. Banner: EdexLive with Canva

Today, Saturday, June 29, at least eight nursing college students were hospitalised as a result of a gas leak from a tanker truck in Ramapuram, Kannur district, Kerala.

The college students became uneasy and had difficulties breathing, so they were rushed to Pariyaram Medical College and Pazhayangadi Taluk Hospital. Police say their condition is stable, reports PTI.

On Friday evening, June 28, while en route to Ernakulam from neighbouring Karnataka, a tanker truck discharged hydrochloric acid.

Though a firefighting team from Payyannur and Pariyayam police raced to the scene and began further investigations, authorities stated the leak could not be entirely stopped.

The fire department quickly relocated the car to a safer location after detecting a leak in the container's rear side valve.

Thaliparamba Revenue Divisional Officer (RDO) Ajayakumar stated that procedures were being taken to transfer the gas to another tanker.

Another incident up north… 

A private van was confiscated after 19 school children were discovered riding in it in Jammu and Kashmir's Kishtwar district, officials said today, Saturday, June 29.

The van was confiscated by Kishtwar Mohd Saleem, Assistant Regional Transport Officer, during a vehicle check drive on Dachhan Road in the mountainous district, according to officials.

According to them, the officer requested that the driver's licence be suspended for "gross violation of traffic rules and regulations", reports PTI.

The special drive was conducted on Friday, June 28, to guarantee road safety and discipline, and 117 vehicles were fined more than Rs 4.67 lakh for overloading, overspeeding, unsafe driving, and other Motor Vehicle Act breaches, according to officials.

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