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Defeating learning obstacles with productivity YouTuber Thomas Frank

Acclaimed productivity YouTuber Thomas Frank on learning obsctructions and circumventing them

What do you think are the biggest learning obstacles today?


I think the biggest learning obstacles today are:

- Lack of good reasons to care about what they're assigned to study or learn: I seek ways in which I can connect what I'm learning to something fun or interesting, or I try to connect it to my identity so I'll take it more seriously.

- Continuous feedback cycle: The second problem refers to the fact that most of us either don't get the opportunity to test what we're learning and get qualified feedback on it, or we do, but the cycle is slow.


What is a good feedback cycle?


I define a good feedback cycle as a repeatable sequence of three stages:

- Learning (ideally from engaging materials — teachers, books and videos)

- Application (trying out what we have learned for ourselves)

- Feedback (iudgement from a qualified source, which can point out what we're doing wrong and how we can improve)

We see a great example of this in the many people who want to start businesses. They'll read business books, watch videos seminars. They're going through the Learning stage here. But then they fail to actually start a business, they fail to make it to the Application stage or even the Feedback stage.

The best learners in the world not only go through this entire process, but they do it as many times as possible and get through each revolution as quickly as possible.