About 47% of Delhi/NCR students who responded to survey reported sleep problems

"The survey results underscore the urgent need for targeted mental health interventions and support systems for students," Neeraj Kumar, Founder & CEO, PeakMind, shared
About 47% of Delhi/NCR students who responded to survey reported sleep problems

Did you know that among the 28% of the respondents of a survey who were from Delhi/NCR region, 36% shared that they worry too much or indulge in overthinking while 38% feel easily annoyed or irritated.

This is in reference to students from Delhi/NCR region alone.

The survey, conducted by mental wellness platform, PeakMind, revealed that 33% of the respondents from the Delhi/NCR region feel bad about themselves while 47% of them have trouble sleeping or, sleep a lot. Also, 33% of students expressed experiencing little interest and pleasure in doing things, stated a press release shared by PeakMind.

PeakMind conducted this nationwide survey of 10,000 students to understand the mental health challenges they face and 28% of the respondents were from Delhi/NCR region. This helped them understand the challenges and concerns the students of this particular region face. 

Neeraj Kumar, Founder & CEO, PeakMind, inferred from the findings: "The high percentages of students experiencing anxiety, irritability, lack of interest, self-esteem issues, and sleep disturbances are alarming and call for immediate action from educational institutions, parents, and mental health professionals." 

Charu Lavania, Lead Psychologist, Peakmind, stated, “Access to mental health resources and support systems is essential for fostering resilience and coping mechanisms. Prioritising mental wellness in educational institutions is paramount to ensuring students thrive academically, emotionally, and socially.”

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