NEET UG: AIR 77 Anuran Ghosh relocated to Hyderabad only to prepare for the exam. Now he is the Telangana topper

When asked what motivated him to pursue this career, Ghosh recalled that he first decided to become a doctor back when he was in Class IX or X
NEET UG Telangana topper.
NEET UG Telangana topper.(Pic: EdexLive desk)

"My father cooked for me to celebrate this surreal win," expressed All India Rank (AIR) 77 holder Anuran Ghosh, who scored 716 out of 720 in the National Eligibility Cum Entrance Exam - Undergraduate (NEET-UG) 2024 test. Hailing from Kolkata, where he pursued his schooling at Army Public School, Ghosh told EdexLive he relocated to Hyderabad solely to prepare for NEET and for the same purpose, joined classes offered by Aakash+BYJU’S.

"I have noticed that the Southern states are very good when it comes to competitive exam preparations, as well as preparation for intermediate (Class XI and XII). Also, students from here score very well. Therefore, I decided to opt for an ideal competitive and studious environment for my betterment. I, with my parents, shifted to Hyderabad and pursued Class XI and XII from Pallavi Model School Alwal while preparing for NEET simultaneously," said Ghosh.

When asked what motivated him to pursue this career, Ghosh recalled that he decided to become a doctor back when he was in Class XI or X. "There are two reasons to justify my choice of career. Firstly, I was interested in it. Secondly, my parents wanted to see me as a doctor," said Ghosh, who is inclined to pursue Neurology and Orthopedics.

Tasks and rewards

There is no doubt about the fact that the NEET medical entrance exam is considered one of the toughest ones. Upon this, busy timetables and study plans stress aspirants out, but Ghosh found his own way of preparing, sans timetables or study plans. Ghosh explains that he allotted himself "tasks", basically, specific segments of the syllabus which he had to complete within a strict deadline. Plus, a lucrative reward awaited him at the end of every such "task". In this way, he managed to keep his preparation flexible and successfully keep stress at bay while motivating himself via the reward.

Thanking his parents for being supportive and giving him the liberty to study as per his desired time, Ghosh said, "I managed my timings by creating these tasks, scheduling certain chapters on a daily, weekly and monthly basis."

Disclosing his strategies and plan of action, Ghosh explained further how he planned to follow a flexible schedule. "My top priority tasks were revising a concept or chapter, answering concept-related questions or attempting mock papers. Mid-priority tasks were sharing the notes or attempting mock tests followed by least priority tasks."

"Additionally, to motivate myself and stay focused, I rewarded myself by listening to music or watching movies after completing the tasks," Ghosh said, saying Kota Factory is one of his favourite web series. "The series shows the accurate struggle of a candidate preparing for NEET or JEE (Joint Entrance Exam) which was very relatable and touching," he adds.

Switching between Hindi, English and Bengali songs, Ghosh would tune in to Free Fallin' by American singer John Mayer the most during his "reward" time.

Future goal

Speaking about future prospects, Ghosh said he is keen on graduating from an AIIMS (All India Institute of Medical Sciences) and practising in India. "My goal was to obtain a high rank and pursue MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery) by enrolling in prestigious institutions like AIIMS Delhi or Bhubaneswar," Ghosh stated, expressing confidence in his ability to get into AIIMS Bhubaneswar.

Ghosh says that the prestige of becoming a doctor from AIIMS is unbeatable, similar to graduating from an IIT (Indian Institute of Technology). "The academic culture and curriculum of AIIMS is very unique and that is what interests me to seek admission into the institute," he said.

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