CyberPeace collabs with National Forensic and Sciences University Goa 

 This holistic collaboration ensures comprehensive growth and excellence in cybersecurity education and research
More about the collab, here | (Pic: NFSU Goa)
More about the collab, here | (Pic: NFSU Goa)

In a strategic move to fortify cyber capabilities in the cybersecurity space. CyberPeace, a global non-profit has entered a strategic partnership with the National Forensic and Sciences University (NFSU), Goa. 

This collaboration formalised through a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), underscores the commitment to advancing the nation's cybersecurity capabilities through practical research, education, and training to the students.

The alliance aims to promote interest and expertise exchange in artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), high-performance computing, digital forensics, blockchain, and cybersecurity. Focused on practical capabilities, the partnership empowers investigations and commits to disseminating knowledge through academic journals, contributing to national advancements in cybersecurity. 

This will significantly benefit NFSU students, enabling them to learn new technologies and advance their skills, ultimately contributing to the enhancement of national cybersecurity.

Key highlights, underscored by the NFSU-CyberPeace Center, encompasses multifaceted advantages. Joint researches on child safety online, online trafficking, cybercrimes against vulnerable populations like women, young people, senior citizens, new and emerging areas like Metaverse. 

Faculty and student exchanges promote mutual learning, fostering a dynamic educational environment. The joint organisation of symposia, conferences, and workshops amplifies research endeavours, while collaborative technical training and consultancy studies further enhance expertise. 

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