NIMS Jaipur: Students not allowed to leave campus, even for voting?

Reportedly, the college management has set up stringent measures for students to leave the campus even during emergency conditions
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Read details below(Image: EdexLive Desk)

A set of screenshots surfacing on social media platforms have revealed that students at the National Institute of Medical Sciences (NIMS), Jaipur, have been ‘locked up’ at their campus.

In a screenshot shared on X (previously Twitter) by user @autopsy_surgeon, who is a senior resident doctor as per his bio, a student informed that the college management has completely shut down the campus after a few students from the institute lost their lives in an accident about 10 days ago.

“Among a thousand things going wrong here, the recent one is that they're not letting us leave the campus. Some 10 days ago, a couple of MBA students from the university passed away in an accident following which they completely shut the university gates,” the message read.

The screenshot was posted on social media platform X on Wednesday, April 17, and has over 10,000 views so far.

The student’s message further added, “Earlier, we could go out from 4 to 9 pm by submitting our ID cards and if we had to go overnight, we had to get a gate pass signed by the warden after having our parents talk to them on video call. Currently, they've completely stopped the ID card exit. Only one person is appointed to sign gate passes (for minimum 10,000-15,000 students who stay on the campus). She is unavailable most of the time.”

Reportedly, the college management has set up stringent measures for students to leave the campus, even during emergency conditions. As the screenshot reveals, students are supposed to submit their and their parents’ Aadhar cards before leaving the campus, and can only leave when their parents or a guardian comes to take them.

“We have students from everywhere like J&K, Bihar, Jharkhand, Assam, Kerala etc from where it would take more 2-3 days for parents to just reach here. Even students whose parents suffered from cardiac arrest or who had weddings of siblings to attend were not allowed to leave the campus,” it added.

Now, with the 18th Lok Sabha elections starting across the country, the students are not being allowed to leave the campus to vote, claim the students.

In another X post, user Karthik Balachandran (@karthik2k2) shared another student’s message, which read, “I'm from NIMS Jaipur. They have locked us up in the campus and not letting us go out even on family emergencies or for voting. How to survive such pathetic rules in private colleges?”

A number of netizens have reacted to these screenshots, urging authorities, activists and political parties to take note of the situation.

EdexLive tried to reach out to NIMS, Jaipur. The copy will be updated once we receive a response.

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