SGRRIMHS Dehradun: Petition hearing for fee hike postponed to Monday, March 20

The High Court reportedly couldn’t decide if the case should be heard under Article 226 or Article 227 of the Constitution of India
Pic: Sourced
Pic: Sourced

The Writ Petition filed by the final year students of the Shri Guru Ram Rai Institute of Medical and Health Sciences (SGGRIMHS), Dehradun at the Uttarakhand High Court (HC) will be heard on Monday, March 20. “The court was unsure whether the case would be heard under Article 226 or Article 227 of the Constitution. It has requested the registry to determine the matter,” said a student, who further added, "The lawyer argued that the case should be heard under Article 227."

Article 226 and Article 227 of the Constitution of India are two provisions that grant extensive authority to the High Courts. While Article 226 confers upon High Courts the authority to issue directions, orders, and writs to any individual or entity, including the government. Article 227 empowers High Courts to exercise supervision over all courts and tribunals within the geographical boundaries of their jurisdiction. As previously mentioned, the High Court in Uttarakhand is currently determining which Article the Writ Petition filed by the SGGRIMS students will be heard under. "The Article will be decided by the Registrar General, who will then assign the bench where the case proceedings will be held," explained one of the affected students. "According to the latest update, I heard that perhaps it will be heard under Article 226."

Dr DD Chaudhury, a member of the Indian Medical Association (IMA), has also verified the news. He was among the members who intervened when the conflict between the students and the administration turned violent at SGRRIMHS on March 14. According to the students, a group of outsiders arrived on campus in an ambulance and destroyed the tents of the protesting students. These individuals, whom the students referred to as "administration's goons," allegedly expelled them by force, resulting in injuries. The students later suspended their strike temporarily after IMA's intervention and assurance. “ Around 5:30 p.m, we called off the protest after a talk with IMA Head and they supported us and assured us to reside in our respective hostels. They said that no one can vacate your hostels, if anything happens, we have their back,” informed a concerned individual through Twitter. 

To recall, the students of the SGRRIMHS were protesting against the administration's decision to impose an additional Rs 37 lakhs on the final-year students. The institution made it clear that only when the fees are clear that they will commence the internship for the students. This caused outrage among the final-year students who received their final-year results on March 6 and have been demanding an immediate start to their internship since. The students argue that a delay in the commencement of their internship may affect their eligibility to appear for NEET PG next year. "We have cleared all our dues, and they have no right to suddenly impose such a huge amount on us and hold our internship," stated a student. Furthermore, the students were also asked to vacate their hostels. 

The SGRRIMHS increased their fees from Rs 5 lakhs per annum to Rs 13 lakhs and extended it to their final-year students as well, instructing them to pay the remaining amount in the last four years. State Quota students are required to pay Rs 26 lakhs, while All India Quota students are required to pay Rs 37 lakhs. The students deemed this imposition to be unwarranted and abrupt. They also asserted that paying a lump sum all at once is difficult for them. Many of the students resorted to social media platforms to amplify their voices and also shared videos from the protest including the violence that was unleashed on them. 

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