UGC Chairman writes to HEIs about G20 outreach programme 'University Connect'

The programme aims to project our youth as cultural ambassadors who can build long-lasting relationships with G-20 fraternity
Pic: @g20org
Pic: @g20org

The University Grants Commission (UGC) chairman, M Jagadesh Kumar, announced that he will send a letter to schools and higher education institutions (HEIs) regarding the 'University Connect' program, an innovative outreach initiative under the G20. He told EdexLive the programme aims to promote youth as cultural ambassadors who can establish long-term connections with G20 countries.

"This will be an opportunity for young Indians in bringing new ideas and perspectives to G-20-related topics," he added. Additionally, the letter stated that schools and HEIs across the country will hold special programs on G20 themes from January to September 2023.

Earlier in a UGC's letter dated 05.01.2023, the commission has already requested the universities to initiate an action plan and undertake suitable activities and ensure dissemination of the issues under the ambit of India’s Presidency in G20 across different locales.

Further, it hinted that several activities can be undertaken at the Universities/institutions to prepare students for conferences that will be held in a variety of locations and on a variety of topics related to the history, culture, and legacy of the area.

Briefing about the events or activities that could be undertaken, the letter listed events namely:

1. Routine/pre-scheduled events of the institution like convocations, annual days, sporting events, seminars etc, should be branded as G20 event

2. Special events including seminars, quizzes, painting, crossword, declamation, marathon, cycling marathon, Insta-Reel and other competitions, sporting events, youth camps, model G20 etc., can be organized on G20-related themes at the institution and state levels with grand finale in September at the national level

3. RIS (Resource & Information Centre for Developing Countries) is organizing seminars at 75 universities. A template of the same will be shared separately. All FIEIs should organize similar seminars on G20 themes based on this template. All Institutions are to undertake regular Swachchta Campaigns in and around their respective campuses as part of the G20 event.

Moreover, G-20 T-Shirts, Caps, Wrist Bands, and G20 Badges can be distributed to participating students and to NSS/ NYKS volunteers, he added. Further, the celebrations will culminate in a grand event in September which will include prize distribution in competitions. Meanwhile,  an Office Memorandum received from the Ministry of Education containing an e-booklet providing the concept and brief background to the events planned in this regard is attached to guide HEIs in devising action plans for the activities. 

Further, it is directed that schools and HEIs upload report with photographs and videos on the UGC portal

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