Bihar education department dismisses over 3 lakh students from schools

In Bihar, 75% attendance has been made mandatory in schools and failure to maintain the mark can lead to dismissals, and serious repercussions, read the order
Picture Courtesy: TNIE
Picture Courtesy: TNIE

The education department in Bihar dismissed more than three lakh students on the grounds that they were not present at school for more than 15 days without prior application and reason, as per an IANS report.

The education department had notified the parents to submit affidavits reasoning as to why their children were absent. Many parents complied with the directive issued by the government, but the parents of 3,32,000 failed to comply, hence, the action was taken, said an official on Tuesday, September 26.

According to sources, the department has nullified the admission of 46,000 students of Class IV, and from Class V, 55,000 students were removed and 39,000 students from Class VI. The rest of the students belong to other classes.

The decision comes after the Bihar education department made 75 per cent attendance mandatory in schools in order to appear for the Board examination.

If any student fails to come to school for three consecutive days, the pupil will have to file an application with the principal giving valid reasons. If their reasons are not found genuine, they will have to submit an affidavit before the principal of the school, according to the directives issued by the department. 

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