Karimnagar teacher uses innovative ways to drive away students' Math blues

The teacher began using objects to teach Math which made a lot of difference. The students began catching on to the concepts quickly
Here's how she does it | (Pic: EdexLive)
Here's how she does it | (Pic: EdexLive)

Innovation makes all the difference. Pulavarthi Sumathi, who teaches Math at Godhur Zilla Parishad High School, Karimnagar. Telangana has driven away the fear of Math among students. Bidding adieu to the traditional methods, which are boring, cumbersome, and always painful, she hit upon innovative methods to make learning Math a joy.

She even came up with a paddy protection umbrella model which farmers could use at procurement centres in case of sudden rains.

After joining as a teacher in 2012, Sumathi noticed that the students were struggling to understand the concepts of Math.

She then decided to change the method of teaching. She began using objects to teach Math which made a lot of difference. The students began catching on to the concepts quickly. She designed about 100 objects to teach maths to the students in what she calls the Teaching Learning Method (TLM).

Sumathi says, "To dispel fear of Math among students, I came up with objects to teach them the concepts. Now, the students have no fear of Math."

As part of Intinta Innovation programme, Sumathi made multiple innovations for students. She received appreciation from the government for her out-of-box thinking.

A Class IX student, Rajesh, said, "Our Math teacher explains using TLMS. We understand the concepts without any difficulty."

The concepts include finding factors for cubic polynomial and quadratic polynomials geometrically, laws of exponents using the folding method, use of magic marbles in Math, and crop-protecting umbrellas using net diagrams concept.

The crop protection umbrella is evincing interest among farmers who suffer every year on account of unseasonal rains at the time of procurement of paddy.

The umbrella she designed could be used to protect paddy from sudden rain. It was even showcased at the state-level exhibition. She says that making the umbrella does not cost much, at the most Rs. 1,500.

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