MSc/PhD medical graduates observe #UnhappyTeachersDay against reduced non-medical faculty appointments

"The government, in its decision to grant one professional group complete dominance, has unwittingly committed a grave error," their post stated
Protest pictures | (Pic: NMMTA)
Protest pictures | (Pic: NMMTA)

On the occasion of Teachers' Day, September 5, the National MSc Medical Teachers' Association observed #UnhappyTeachersDay. A few members shared pictures of themselves holding posters that stated: "Stop academic apartheid", "Teaching is a work of heart and we are meant to teach", "We want freedom from oppression, tyranny and discrimination" and so on. 

These pictures were shared via their official X (formerly Twitter) handle of the association at 12.04 pm on September 5, Tuesday. 

The post stated, "As the nation celebrates #TeachersDay, a segment of educators in India's medical colleges, holding MSc/PhD qualifications, observes this occasion with a heavy heart."

It went on to state, "What deeply troubles us is not only the continuous assault on our qualifications, livelihoods, dignity, and rights by prejudiced individuals but also the unrelenting and biased actions of the regulator, the NMC."

The National Medical Commission (NMC) via its latest guidelines, had reduced non-medical graduate faculty appointments. This was done under the Minimum Standard Requirements Gazette (MSR Gazette). The association has been asking for equal treatment for a while now. 

"Let us collectively shed light on the NMC's vindictive and discriminatory attitude, with the hope of fostering fairness and inclusivity within the #medicaleducation sector," the post alleged. 

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