Infinity Learn launches AI-powered VISTA. Here's what it is all about

Recognising the pivotal role of educators, VISTA's Teacher Aid is tailored to be every educator's digital confidant
VISTA aims to bridge the digital divide | (Pic: EdexLive and Infinity Learn)
VISTA aims to bridge the digital divide | (Pic: EdexLive and Infinity Learn)

Taking a pioneering step in the realm of education built on a new-age tech platform, Infinity Learn, fresh off its announcement of joining the 100 crore club and achieving profitability, unveiled IL VISTA: Virtual Intelligent System for Tailored Academics. This landmark initiative is underpinned by an impressive investment of close to a million dollars, with an anticipated commitment of an additional four to five million dollars set aside for its upcoming phases.

VISTA from Infinity Learn by Sri Chaitanya embodies its deep-seated commitment to enhancing the learning sphere. Crafted with precision, VISTA bridges the digital divide across mobile and web platforms. Its core design prioritises the needs of both teachers and learners, promising a transformative and enriched experience that elevates the teaching and learning journey.

At the heart of VISTA is Doubts AI, a feature designed to reimagine the concept of "scaffolding" in education. While in traditional learning, teachers progressively reduce support as students gain proficiency, Doubts AI takes this a step further.

Doubts AI effectively understands and responds to a vast array of questions, guiding students not just in resolving their doubts, but also in deepening their grasp of varied subjects.

All of this is presented in a “conversational AI-enabled” format, ensuring a modern, interactive, and effective scaffolding (step-by-step) experience.

With its bedrock in Assessment for Learning (AFL), Infinity Learn is poised to redefine evaluative methodologies through Optical Character Recognition (OCR), and structured assessment methodologies, VISTA emerges as a comprehensive tool for tailored and standardised evaluations. This avant-garde platform not only equips educators with intricate evaluation capabilities but also ensures unwavering consistency in assessment metrics.

VISTA's Check For Understanding (CFU) offers a panoramic view into individualised learning trajectories. Through strategic comprehension checks and focused interventions, this tool crafts a personalised learning journey, precisely aligning with individual student needs, pioneering personalised learning pathways.

Recognising the pivotal role of educators, VISTA's Teacher Aid is tailored to be every educator's digital confidant. From conceptualising lesson plans to pinpointing resources and gleaning pedagogical insights, this tool ensures that educators are armed with the finest digital arsenal, recalibrating their teaching strategies for a new era, empowering educators for tomorrow.

“Throughout my academic journey, I've always dedicated to the pursuit of academic excellence. It's heartening to see our shared vision manifest, where technology acts as a facilitator, enhancing the pedagogical methods for educators and enriching the learning pathways for students. As I look to the horizon, I'm filled with immense hope, visualising the myriad of educators empowered and learners touched by this transformative initiative The launch of VISTA by Infinity Learn represents a monumental stride into this new era of learning,” said Sushma Bopanna, Academic Director of Sri Chaitanya Educational Institutions and Founder Director, Infinity Learn by Sri Chaitanya.

Ujjwal Singh, Founding CEO of Infinity Learn by Sri Chaitanya, further elaborated, "Beneath the surface of VISTA lies a powerful AI engine, diligently analysing every interaction, every query, and every feedback from both learners and educators. This isn't just about streamlining the learning process; it's about elevating the entire educational ecosystem. While our journey with AI in education has only just begun, the initial pilot of VISTA has shown immense promise. As we continue to innovate and refine our approach, I am confident that we're on the cusp of delivering a matured product that will redefine the educational landscape. The early results have already sparked excitement and anticipation, and I'm eagerly looking forward to the leaps we'll make in the days to come.”

The road ahead
As Infinity Learn embarks on this monumental journey with VISTA – vertical AI for education, it signals not just the commencement of a new chapter but the dawning of an era where education and technology converge to create unparalleled learning vistas.

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