Think before you click: Bhubaneswar police holds cyber safety awareness programme for students

A cyber safety advisory brochure was also launched which provides practical tips and guidelines on how to stay safe online
Representative Image
Representative Image

A cyber-safety awareness programme was organised by the Bhubaneswar Police Commission via poster and painting competitions among school and college students. The motto of the awareness program was: How one can prevent oneself from cyber fraud. Bhubaneswar Police Commissioner SK Priyadarshi, Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) Prateek Singh and more than five hundred students were present, as stated in a report by ANI

Just one click can change your life. So think before you click was the message given by the police commissioner. To recall, in September this year, Odisha Police launched the Cyber Safety Campaign 2023 with the primary objective of enhancing awareness and educating the public about the multifaceted aspects of cybercrime.

On the occasion, a cyber safety advisory brochure was also launched providing practical tips and guidelines on how to stay safe online. In this regard, Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) Bhubaneswar took to social media handle X and said, "Prevention is Better than Cure and Cyber Safety for All. Bhubaneswar Police has geared up to welcome "CYRRA" for the Cyber Safety Campaign Odisha 2023. Let's all be part of it because it's a shared responsibility."

Odisha Police also extended an invitation to individuals who wish to actively participate in the campaign as cyber safety volunteers, aiding in spreading awareness and knowledge.

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