UGC chairman launches redesigned official website, two portals

The launch of the portals is a significant step towards the digital transformation of higher education in India, says the higher official
Here are the details | Credit: Edex Live
Here are the details | Credit: Edex Live

University Grants Commission (UGC) chairman Prof M Jagadesh Kumar launched the redesigned UGC website, UTSAH (Undertaking Transformative Strategies and Actions in Higher Education) and POP (Professor of Practice Portal) portals on Tuesday, May 16.

As per UGC, the redesigned website of UGC has been launched as part of transformative strategies and actions for higher education. The updated website aims to provide a more user-friendly interface for students, educators, and other stakeholders in the higher education ecosystem, ANI reported.

"The UGC website will also serve as a one-stop shop for all higher education-related information. It will provide comprehensive information on scholarships, fellowships, grants, and other opportunities available to students, faculty, and researchers. The website will also feature news updates, circulars, and notifications from UGC," Chairman Kumar said.

Speaking at the launch event, Prof. Kumar, said that the launch of the portals is a significant step towards the digital transformation of higher education in India and also urged the stakeholders to share their feedback and suggestions for further improvement.

About UTSAH and POP portals

The UTSAH portal will serve as a comprehensive platform providing detailed information about UGC's initiatives for qualitative reforms in higher education. The portal provides a platform for higher education institutions to showcase their achievements, share best practices, and engage in knowledge-sharing with other institutions and enables institutions to access various UGC schemes, monitor their progress, and submit reports online.

The POP Portal is an innovative initiative by UGC, aimed at bridging the gap between academia and industry. This portal will serve as a platform for industry professionals to interact with faculty members and students, providing valuable insights and real-world knowledge.

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