Pic credits: Edex Live
Pic credits: Edex Live

Unauthorised schools to be given time to right illegalities: Karnataka Education department

The Department of School Education and Literacy (DSEL) had identified over a thousand schools that were running illegally

Bengaluru Education department officials have said that unauthorised schools will be given time to right the illegalities so that the schooling of students is not disrupted. With controversy arising on the number of illegally-running schools in the state, the Department of School Education and Literacy (DSEL) had identified over a thousand schools that were running illegally. 

Giving more details, Public Instruction Commissioner R Vishal said, "We had taken a survey of the number of schools running unauthorised classes, and having several other illegalities, and submitted a report to DSEL," as stated in a report by The New Indian Express. 

Unauthorised schools

The unauthorised schools face several complaints ranging from conducting classes without proper affiliation, misleading parents on affiliation status, conducting classes for grades that they did not have permission for and issues regarding building and safety permits. These schools have been running for several years, the most notable of which is the Orchids International School chain. 

Earlier this year, the school chain had come to the fore, for several illegalities pertaining to affiliations. Specifically, the school chain had started several branches while still awaiting affiliation from the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), despite advertising itself as CBSE-affiliated.

Moreover, with the academic year coming to an end, sources within the department have stated that the schools will be given time to remedy any illegalities, so that this doesn’t affect the schooling of the students already admitted to them. With regard to this, they said, “We do not want to disrupt the children’s schooling, so it would not make sense to close down the schools or stop classes immediately, as this would affect lakhs of students. Due to this, we will be giving time for the schools to submit the relevant documents so that they are able to continue classes as authorised schools."

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