Telangana: TJUDA criticises govt’s move to train ‘quacks’

According to the junior doctors, this decision poses a significant risk to patient safety and undermines the established standards and integrity of the medical profession
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The Telangana Junior Doctors Association (TJUDA) criticised the government's recent move to provide medical training and certificates to unqualified individuals, commonly known as 'quacks’, reports The New Indian Express. 

"The decision to grant medical training and certificates to Quacks poses significant risks to patient safety and undermines the standards and integrity of the medical profession," states the official statement released by the association.

During a review meeting on Wednesday, July 12, Health Minister T Harish Rao emphasised the need to train paramedical practitioners (PMP) and registered medical practitioners (RMP). As a response, a committee was established to compile a comprehensive report on the training requirements for these individuals.

In a statement issued on Thursday, July 13, TJUDA condemned the lack of consultation with medical professionals, healthcare organisations, and stakeholders during the development of these guidelines. This lack of involvement raises concerns about the credibility and effectiveness of the decision.

TJUDA emphasised that it is vital to seek and incorporate the expertise and insights of those currently working in the medical field to ensure the implementation of sound policies that prioritise patient welfare and safety. They urged the government to reconsider this decision in light of these concerns.

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