Amazon plans to introduce AI, advance coding modules in 100 Karnataka school

"This expansion will impact over 13,000 students in grades six to eight across 30 districts of Karnataka," it said
Pic only for representational purpose (Pic credits: EdexLive)
Pic only for representational purpose (Pic credits: EdexLive)

Today, December 4, announced the expansion of its Amazon Future Engineer (AFE) programme to introduce advanced coding and Artificial Intelligence (AI) modules in 100 Karnataka Residential Educational Institutions Society (KREIS) schools. In a statement issued in this regard, the company said that it will also provide digital infrastructure enhancements for 30 KREIS schools, PTI reported.

"This expansion will impact over 13,000 students in grades six to eight across 30 districts of Karnataka," it said. The expanded module will enable students to develop complex computer applications incorporating advanced programming concepts like control conditions, variables, and functions, the company added.

"Additionally, through project-based learning, students will also be introduced to the basics of AI with a further understanding of its relevance, future possibilities, and impact on their lives and the world around them," the statement added. Further, this programme will complement the current courses in coding, logical sequencing, learning loops, and block programming offered to KREIS schools under the Amazon Future Engineer programme, it was stated.

The 20-hour module is designed to take into account the current exposure of students to computer science and coding. Class VI students will be taught the fundamentals of block programming, while VII and VIII graders will be introduced to advanced programming and the basics of AI, the statement added, as stated in a report by PTI.

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