Over 1,100 social welfare schools opened in Telangana in last nine years

Education Minister P Sabitha Indra Reddy spoke about various initiatives by the state government to improve the quality of education in the state
Image for representative purpose only | (Photo: Express)
Image for representative purpose only | (Photo: Express)

The Telangana state government has set up close to 1,100 social welfare schools in the last nine years as part of the KG to PG free initiative, said Education Minister P Sabitha Indra Reddy.

As per a report by The New Indian Express, the minister was speaking at the inauguration ceremony of a primary and high school under the Mana Ooru Mana Badi programme in the Pedda Kodapgal mandal of Kamareddy District. She underscored that the palpable transformation witnessed in these schools only becomes evident when juxtaposed with their previous condition.

An additional 1,571 schools had been upgraded to junior colleges, she said, adding that with a current enrollment of around 7.5 lakh students in welfare residential schools, the government's investment of Rs 1.25 lakh per student stands as a testament to viewing these expenditures as “strategic investments in shaping future generations.”

The minister further stressed that the state government had successfully reinvigorated schools, rendering them even more competitive and dynamic than certain private and corporate institutions.

The minister highlighted a surge in the education budget, which increased from less than Rs 1,000 crore to Rs 29,000 crore.

“The government is deeply aligned with the aspirations of parents who desire success for their children, thus striving to facilitate student excellence and achievement of prominent positions,” she added.

Acknowledging the trend of parents favouring private schools due to English-medium instruction, the government took a proactive step by introducing English language education in government schools, she pointed out. Furthermore, a budget of Rs 190 crore was allocated for the printing of books in both languages.

The minister spoke about the provision of ragi meals three days a week, benefiting 2.2 million children across 26,000 schools. She highlighted an allocation of Rs 100 crore earmarked for overseas scholarships.

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