Hyderabad Central University to implement anti-discrimination measures in PhD admission process

The University has agreed to few of the demands stated in Ambedkar Students' Association's report on caste discrimination in PhD interviews 
Here's what they say | (Pic: EdexLive)
Here's what they say | (Pic: EdexLive)

Hyderabad Central University confirmed to EdexLive that it would implement preventive measures against caste discrimination in PhD interviews across all departments, from the next academic year. 

This decision had been taken in the University’s Annual Academic Council Meeting that took place on April 6, following the report of the Ambedkar Students’ Association (ASA) which alleged caste discrimination against reserved category students in the PhD interview round. 

Responding to EdexLive on the matter, the University said it “has looked into the (admissions) process” and “debated the matter in the Academic Council meeting” with members of the HCU Student Union, also led by ASA.  

“Few points have been noted for implementation from next Academic year and the Academic units shall be informed to adhere to them during interviews," said the Central University. 

The matter began when ASA published a report on the PhD interviews based on RTI findings, which revealed apparent caste discrimination in the grading of candidates from SC/ST and OBC categories compared to unreserved candidates, despite scoring similar marks in the entrance examination. 

In the report, ASA questioned the basis for such disparity in marking and demanded that the university probe into the matter and take necessary action against the discrimination. The organisation further asked for training workshops for writing academic research proposals and preparing for admission interviews for students from marginalised communities.

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