How a final-year medical student of GITAM helped woman deliver a healthy baby girl on moving train

Twenty-three old girl helps deliver a healthy baby girl with the assistance of fellow passengers
Final-year medical student deliver a healthy baby girl| Pic: EdexLive
Final-year medical student deliver a healthy baby girl| Pic: EdexLive

“When I took the baby girl in my hands for the first time, I was emotional and I teared up. I saw the mother’s face after she saw the baby and her expression filled my heart,” K Swathi Reddy, told EdexLive.

Swathi, a final year medical student from GITAM Institute of Medical Sciences and Research helped deliver a baby on a train. The 23-year-old girl helped deliver a healthy girl baby on the Secundrabad-Visakhapatnam Duronto express train on Tuesday, September 13, in a medical emergency. She showcased empathy compassion and presence of mind during this medical emergency. 

Swathi, who was travelling in a train heading to Vijaywada, was awakened around 1 am by an anxious, soon-to-be father who was travelling with his pregnant wife in the same compartment on the train. “The father did not have any idea that I was a medico. He was asking everyone in the compartment for help. I didn’t think twice about helping the women,” said the 23-year-old hero.

The head was already out when Swathi went to the mother and the mother was unable to push the baby out. Using her presence of mind and fearless instincts, Swathi was able to bring life into this world. “I didn't have time to think. I just went in there and helped the mother give birth to her daughter. The passengers on the train were really decent and cooperative. They were helpful and did not take any pictures,” she said. “Everyone on the train wanted to help the mother, but they didn't know how. While I was doing the procedure, two women passengers held a sheet as a curtain for privacy and other passengers assisted me with bedsheets and towels,” she added. 

It was exactly at 5.35 in the morning, the final-year medical student helped deliver the baby and that was the moment when the parents and everyone else on the train were extremely happy and emotional. “This was my first time doing this alone. I have assisted during a few deliveries in my college, but this was completely different. This was a very natural process and I didn't put in a lot of effort and was completely new to doing a procedure without any equipment. I was really tensed and a little scared, but I am really happy that both the mother and child are healthy and happy,” said the young doctor. 

While sharing her inspirational story with EdexLive, Swathi also added, “This is a small act that I did. I just did my duty as a doctor and people have been appreciating me a lot.”

The station master of the Anakapalle station announced that the newborn baby girl would be given free train travel for the rest of her life. 

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