Teachers' Day: From online classes to virtual exams — grateful students thank their teachers

This Teachers' Day, students share how teachers have braved it all to ensure that education wasn't compromised during the pandemic
Students in a classroom on teachers day| Pic only for representational purpose (Pic credits: Express)
Students in a classroom on teachers day| Pic only for representational purpose (Pic credits: Express)

Teachers' Day is a special day set aside to show teachers how much we value them. On this day, they are recognised for their exceptional contributions to the community at large or to a particular field of study.

EdexLive spoke to a few students about their struggles during online classes and how the students are grateful for their teachers in their life. It took a pandemic to make them realise the irreplaceable role that teachers play to educate them and how they hone them into better human beings.

So here are three students just being grateful for being back to offline classes, for their kind and patient teachers and they express the same on the occasion of Teachers' Day.

I feel teachers changed their attitude towards children during online classes as it was difficult for them as well as us.

Online classes were more difficult for both students and teachers because we have technical issues and students were also lethargic when it comes to online classes, most of us would log in to the class on one side and we would be doing something else like watching YouTube, playing games, eating, and so on, on the other.

I would prefer offline classes any day over online classes because we could have in-person interactions and having a conversation with someone face-to-face is always better than doing it online.

When it comes to teachers' struggles, I can understand the issues they might be facing. They have family and household work to take for and upon that, they might not have been very familiar with the technology. And as much as we made efforts to understand their situation, we were also finding it difficult personally.

According to me, we should be thankful for our teachers as they have taken so much effort to teach us during the online classes and even for the effort they take during offline classes.

J Charan Reddy (15), Class X, Sri Chaitanya, Hyderabad.

The feeling when we switched to online classes was so annoying. In online classes, it was so tough to connect to teachers and talk to them about our doubts. We also thought that classes were boring and both the students and teachers were distracted during online classes as it was new for both of us and they were working from home which has its list of disadvantages.

The online classes were so difficult to understand it's really hard for an average student like me to understand, pay attention and learn.

It's more difficult because it's been two years without good education, without offline classes and without exams. It's so difficult to be back to regular classes as we are stepping into the world after two years of being confined to our homes without any proper education.

I am really grateful for the teachers cause they've done a great job during the pandemic situation via online classes. They've learned about online teaching apps for the sole purpose of teaching us online. They've worked a lot day and night by sharing information and educational documents through messages to keep us updated every day about school and about academics. The teachers learned, took so much effort to just teach us and probably had no rest as they were updating one thing or the other on Whatsapp 24x7. I am really grateful to all my teachers for doing such a wonderful job in taking care of us.

Bhargavi (14), Class X, Dilsukhnagar Public School, Hyderabad.

The difficulties of online classes included the problem with understanding the portions that are being taught and technical and network issues that would happen often.

After going back to regular classes, it feels like going back to Class I as we are going to school after two years of online classes. It was fun, but also difficult to adapt to school all over again. It was still nice to get back together with my classmates and talk to my friends.

I prefer regular classes because it's easy to learn and understand the concepts. During online classes, I was forced to mug up everything to score marks and offline classes are better that way because I am able to learn.

We know the struggles of our teachers during online classes. Especially how we faced technical issues, there were times when my teachers also faced issues and I know it might have been difficult for them to learn new technical things just to teach us.

We are very grateful to teachers always. Value for our teachers has grown so high, and it comes right from the bottom of our hearts, as they have taken extra effort to bring back us to the normal way of learning after a gap of two years.

KS Tanish (13), Class VIII, Jawahar Vidyalaya, Chennai

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