UGC warns Indian students against enrolling in Chinese unis. Says online degrees will not be recognised

China has not allowed Indian students to return to the country and finish their studies since the pandemic. The fresh courses being offered will also be conducted online as of now
Pic: Edexlive
Pic: Edexlive

The University Grants Commission has issued a public notice warning Indian students against applying for higher education courses in Chinese universities. Citing the fact that China hasn't opened up international travel since the COVID-19 pandemic first hit and has intimated that courses will be conducted online, the Commission has asked students to be mindful of the rules set by the UGC and the All Indian Council for Technical Education (AICTE) that degrees obtained only via the online mode are not recognised by either body. 

The UGC also referenced the plight of the students who were studying in China when the pandemic struck, including thousands of medical students, who were forced to return to India, and haven't been able to go back since. The lack of practical experience, especially for medical students has put their careers and degrees in jeopardy. 

"In this context, any prospective student needs to be aware that the Government of The People’s Republic of China has imposed strict travel restrictions in the wake of COVID-19 and suspended all visas since November 2020. A large number of Indian students have not been able to return to China to continue their studies due to these restrictions," read the notice.

The commission has urged students to be diligent while choosing where they pursue their higher education to "avoid further problems in employment or higher studies". On March 24, the Ministry of External Affairs had said that it has been taking up the issue of the return of Indian students to China, with the Chinese authorities, to resume their studies. The crisis faced by Indian students returning from Ukraine because of the war had thrown some light on the issues that students who returned from China were embroiled in. 

"As per information available, approximately 20,000 Indian students were enrolled in various courses including clinical medicine courses in different Chinese universities at that time," said Minister of State for External Affairs, V Muraleedharan, in response to a question in the Rajya Sabha.

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