What did Government First Grade College, Haleyangadi, do to prevent students from dropping out over hijab issue?

 Although the students say that the High Court order is only applicable to pre-university colleges, the Court clarified that the order is confined to all institutions
This is the update | (Pic: EdexLive)
This is the update | (Pic: EdexLive)

As many as 19 Muslim students of Government First Grade College at Haleyangadi on the outskirts of Mangaluru have stopped attending classes over hijab rule. The incident came to light on Wednesday, June 16.

The students have been absent for more than a month after the college implemented the hijab rule following the Karnataka High Court order. The students and parents say that the college principal bowed down to the pressure.

"Our students in the first, second and third semester have lost their examinations due to attendance shortage. The rule has been implemented in the middle of the year," said one of them.

Meanwhile, Sridhar, Principal of the College said that since there is an attendance shortage, the students cannot write the exams.

"We have been convincing the students as well as their parents. But they are adamant about wearing hijab. We have arranged separate rooms for these students to remove hijabs as well. We urged them to attend classes from June 1 and assured them that despite the attendance shortage, they would be allowed to write exams. But they did not listen to us. If they want to continue attending classes and write for the next examination, they have to take special permission from Mangalore University. We do not have any other option but to implement the court order," he said.

A few of the students who have been denied permission to attend the classes wearing hijab, have decided to quit studies. Some of them even started attending tailoring classes.

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