Do not force another language war by imposing Hindi: MK Stalin tells Amit Shah

Home Minister Amit Shah has submitted a report recommending English be replaced with Hindi as a medium of instruction in all central universities
File photo of CM MK Stalin | (Pic: Express)
File photo of CM MK Stalin | (Pic: Express)

"Imposing Hindi is against the integrity of India. The BJP government would do well to learn lessons from the anti-Hindi agitations in the past," said Tamil Nadu Chief Minister MK Stalin on October 8, as he launched a tirade against the Centre over the imposition of language issue and warned the BJP-led government not to force another language war, as stated by PTI

As per media reports, Union Home Minister Amit Shah submitted a report to the Parliamentary Committee on Official Language, President Droupadi Murmu, recommending English to be replaced with Hindi as a medium of instruction in all central universities, like the IITs, IIMs, AIIMS and Kendriya Vidyalayas. 

TN CM MK Stalin. reacting to this, said that if this is implemented, the cast non-Hindi speaking population will be made second-class citizens in their own land. The CM took to Twitter to convey his opinion on this issue, “The rigorous thrust by the Union BJP government for #HindiImposition, negating the diversity of India is happening at an alarming pace. The proposals made in the 11th volume of the report of the Parliamentary Committee on Official Language are a direct onslaught on India's soul,” as stated by PTI.

He also said that the Central Government's stance of enforcing one nation, one language, one religion, one food and one culture will affect the unity of this country. He also pointed out that the recent report that has been presented by the union minister of the country will endanger the integrity of the country, as reported by PTI

The report also stated that the CM said that the Eighth Schedule of the Constitution has 22 languages, including Tamil, entitled to equal rights. He also made statements about the country being diverse and hence all languages should be treated equally and the nation should treat all languages equally and make all the languages official.

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