IIT Madras invites admissions for BS Degree in Data Science and Applications for January 2023 batch

The BS team has met with more than 100 companies from various parts of the country for the recruitment of students from this programme 
File photo of IIT Madras | Pic: Express
File photo of IIT Madras | Pic: Express

Today, on November 25, the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Madras released a press note regarding admissions for the BS programme in Data Science and Applications for January 2023. Its note read, "Students from across the world can apply and learn from this program as the contents are delivered online while all examinations are in person."

The deadline for registering for admission for January 2023 batch is January 16, 2023. Interested candidates are directed to apply through the website: https://onlinedegree.iitm.ac.in.

Who are eligible?
Students in Class XII can take the qualifier and gain an admission letter from IITM while in school. The programme also permits learners of any age and any background/group to apply and learn and already has students aged from 18 to 75 years and from varied areas such as Arts, Science, Commerce, Economics, Medicine and Law in addition to Engineering.

What is its qualifier process?
It consists of four weeks of learning in four basic subjects taught by IIT Madras and being tested on them. Those who get minimum pass marks of more than 50 are admitted to the programme. 

The programme starts with the foundation level teaching the basics for courses in Programming and Data Science. It is followed by diploma-level courses. The Diploma in programming includes courses on Data Structures and Algorithms, Java Programming, Web Application Development (front end and back end), Database Management, Introduction to Linux Programming and two full-stack development projects.

The courses in Diploma in Data Science teach students about the foundations of Machine Learning and expose students to the business side of data collection, organisation, cleansing, analysis and inferences, with a specific course on data visualisation. In addition, two projects on the business side and ML implementation help demonstrate the student’s learning of the subjects, as stated in the press note. 

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