JEE Mains topper Sneha Pareek talks about how Arijit Singh songs helped her stay chill 

"COVID was an ideal time for me because I could prepare very peacefully at my home,'" said the 18-year-old 
Pic: Edex Live
Pic: Edex Live

JEE Main 2022 results for Session 1 are out! So how about we meet the female topper, Sneha Pareek, from Guwahati, Assam. Although she is a native of Rajasthan, the 18-year-old has set her academic base strong by excelling in JEE Mains 2022 Session 1 with 300 out of 300 marks. The JEE Mains Session 1 exam, which was held amidst technical glitches in several centres across India, resulted in nearly 14 students securing 300/300 marks. 

While Sneha is celebrating this excellent occasion with her family by cutting a cake, here is an exclusive interview of Sneha Pareek with EdexLive post excelling in the toughest competitive exam ever. From tips, her struggles to her fun-time hobbies, we got you all covered.

How did you prepare for JEE?
Although I was admitted to Allen Career Institute, Guwahati in December 2019 while I was pursuing my Class X, I started preparing for JEE Mains 2022 exam from Class XI. I studied throughout the day with the help of Allen's classes and practised via ample number of mock tests. 

What preparation did the exam day involve?
As I practised many mock tests, I was very relaxed about the exam pattern and I was not worried about what questions will be asked. 

The main concern was to stay relaxed through the exam. During the exam day, I decided that I shouldn't make myself feel as if I am attempting JEE Mains exam, at least while attempting the first two-three questions, because when we feel that, we are more prone to making silly mistakes. 

For a week before the exam, I practised meditating twice a day to relax and calm myself down, along with the usual JEE preparation. 

What were your expectations after you attempted the exam?
Although I didn't expect 300 out of 300 marks, I was confident of scoring 290 because while practising mock tests at Allen, I scored around 290 all the time. I assumed some silly mistakes will be there but 300 out of 300 came as an unbelievable moment for me. "How 300!" was my response! And then I realised that it is the result of my two years of hard work. 

What is your success mantra?
Hard work is the best success mantra. Two years of continuous hard work will result in such a stupendous result.

What was your schedule like?
My schedule was fixed as I used to wake up early morning at 4 am to revise the previous day's lectures followed by attending Allen's classes and doing the assignments. And lastly, revision of the classes and going back to sleep. 

Did COVID leave any impact on you?
As my preparation started during COVID, I did not face any problems because I was adamant about staying focused on doing my best here. In fact, COVID was an ideal time for me because I could prepare very peacefully at my home and didn't have to travel to the institute which could led to commuting issues.

Did you receive support from parents amd friends?
My parents woke up along with me and my day kick-started with a cup of tea prepared by my uncle. Both my mother and father used to give me moral support, while my father shared some motivational lines when I was feeling low or depressed and my mother comforted me when I felt worried about exam results. 

Any hobbies that ensured you remain stress-free?
Music and comedy videos were my go-to options when I was stressed beyond measure. Even though it was not frequent, I used to listen to songs by Arijit Singh and watch stand-up sets by Akash Gupta whenever I was feeling anxious. 

What are your future plans?
Currently, I am preparing for JEE Advance and aiming to secure a good score. After JEE Advance, I am planning to join IIT Bombay if possible and opt for the Computer Science branch followed by working in the technical field for the country. 

What is the message you like to give to coming batches?
Listen to whatever teachers say and complete regular assignments on time. One shouldn't procrastinate by delaying studying and meeting friends, watching movies or playing, all of this should be avoided. Stay focused and finish practising several mock tests before JEE Mains. 

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