#WakeUpIRCC: Visa, study permit delays hit Canada-bound students

International students from India and Bangladesh, among others, bound for Canada report delays in the issuance of study permits despite submitting applications several months ago 
Students have taken to Twitter as well to voice their concerns | Pic: EdexLive
Students have taken to Twitter as well to voice their concerns | Pic: EdexLive

International students who wish to pursue studies in Canada have been demanding that the Government of Canada release their study permits and clear backlogs that have been pending for several months. Students have taken to Twitter as well to voice their concerns.

“Humble request to clear backlog files on priority basis, #WakeUpIRCC #studentvisa @SeanFraserMP @CitImmCanada @CitImmCanFR #clearbacklog students are still waiting for their study permit files result from November and December, many more files are stuck from long time.#helpus,” said Amarinder Singh in a post on Twitter. 

In fact, reports have pointed out that Canada is witnessing a massive application backlog which has escalated to over two million in numbers, according to data obtained from the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). Canada Immigration Minister Sean Fraser said that those applicants who are awaiting updates on their status might have to wait for months, as the current backlogs will only subside in 2023, when processing standards are expected to return to normal, it was reported.

Meanwhile, students from several countries, including India, continued to draw attention to the issue on Twitter by tagging the Immigration Minister along with using hashtags such as #studentvisa #clearbacklog #helpus and #WakeUpIRCC among others. They said that although their classes are starting soon, they still do not have their visas and permits. “Pls process our apps for study visa asap 4r Sept22. Classes start soon. Stds applied long in adv to avoid delays & still suffer. #wakeupircc,” said Trisha H in a post on Twitter. 

The education companies that help international students have also found themselves in difficult situations. Vishnu Chaitanya, Manager at Edwise International in India (Hyderabad) said that it is taking 30 to 60 days to hear a decision from the embassy about students’ visas and permits. “But this is not the situation with every student. Some are getting it in about four days as well, so we are unable to understand how students’ profiles are being reviewed,” he added. He urged students who wish to pursue education in Canada to file their applications quickly. 

While the Manager said that this delay in the processing of visas could be due to the pandemic, other reports have claimed that a significant increase in backlogs is due, in part, to the introduction of the “temporary residency pathway” Canada-Ukraine Authorization for Emergency Travel which is prioritising visas under the Ukraine Family Scheme and Homes for Ukraine applications.

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