No provision to regularise ad hoc teachers by one-time absorption: Subhas Sarkar, MoS for Education Sarkar

The Delhi University Teachers’ Association (DUTA) has sent a petition to the President highlighting the plight of assistant professors working on ad hoc basis
Delhi University | Pic: PTI
Delhi University | Pic: PTI

The Centre, on February 3, said it was not considering regularisation of temporary or ad hoc teachers through a one-time absorption at Delhi University as the University Grants Commission Regulations, 2018, do not have any such provisions, The Hindu reported.

The question regarding the regularisation of ad hoc teachers at DU was raised in the Rajya Sabha. Minister of State for Education, Subhas Sarkar, said the appointment of teaching staff in various colleges/institutions are made by the Governing Body of the college on the recommendation of the Selection Committee, envisaged under ordinances of the university in consonance with the eligibility criteria laid down by the UGC. 

“The UGC Regulations, 2018, do not have any provision for regularisation of services of temporary/ad hoc teachers on permanent basis through one-time absorption,” the Minister said.

Delhi University currently has 4,267 ad hoc teachers in 66 colleges, with Ramjas College having the highest number — 137 — of temporary teachers, the data provided by the Ministry of Education showed.

Teachers at DU have been long demanding the regularisation of temporary teachers via one-time absorption. The Delhi University Teachers' Association (DUTA) has sent a petition to the President highlighting the plight of assistant professors working on ad hoc basis at the university and its constituent colleges. The petition states that these employees, despite contributing prime years of their lives to teaching at the university, have been languishing for a long time due to job insecurity, which demeans the profession and ruins the career of highly skilled, well-qualified and experienced teachers.

Through its petition, the association has made an appeal to the President to issue directions, as the Visitor of the university, to the Education Ministry to consider the demand for absorbing the teachers working on ad hoc/temporary basis, observing all constitutional provisions of reservation. It adds that to resolve the problem, Delhi University, UGC and the MoE should together frame the modalities to absorb these teachers by bringing a one-time Extraordinary Ordinance/Bill.

“Ad hoc teachers are deprived of all rightful benefits such as annual increments, promotions, medical benefits, leaves, child care leaves, despite performing the same duties as their permanent counterparts. This ad hoc system has denied thousands of teachers of their fundamental right to work with dignity and stress-free lives,” DUTA said.

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