Kerala's anti-drug initiative for schools finally takes off five years after being proposed

Project Unarvu, which means awakening, will be responsible for spotting possible drug abusers, and help them via counselling, treatment, and gainful development of skills 
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The Government of Kerala suspects there is a drug problem among its school students. And it has decided to initiate measures to correct it. The 'Unarvu' project will help divert the kids' attention towards activities such as music and sport in order to stop them abusing drugs and alcohol, and courting addiction at a tender age.

In an ambitious statement, Kerala has said that it will attempt to help students detach their minds from habits of addiction and instead channel them towards a skill that can be of use. It will 'save the future from being wrecked,' said the statement.

So, how does this novel idea work? The government has said that four districts will be selected for study and evaluation from each of the 14 districts in Kerala. These will be examined by an excise official, who will, in turn, form a committee to look at solutions. The recommendations of the committee will be carried out with the help of teachers and parents organisations, local representatives, and local traders. Counselling and any required treatment will also be given to kids who happened to use narcotics.

The Vimukthi Mission, which is responsible for overseeing this operation had in fact proposed this plan five years ago, but it only saw the light of day after the Governor promised to make changes in a possible abuse of drugs and alcohol in the state.

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