What happened on November 18: The tiger became our national animal, Mickey Mouse found his voice and Titanic's heart went on

These events in India and around the world on November 18 will definitely make you feel nostalgic and remind you of your childhood days 
Picture: Edexlive
Picture: Edexlive

Currently, the population of the tiger stands at, 2,967 against the count of 2,226 recorded in 2014. But why are we talking about the tiger population on November 18? Because it was on this day that the Government of India officially declared the tiger as the national animal of India in 1973. Until 1972, the lion had been the national animal of India. Later, the Royal Bengal Tiger was declared as the national animal. 

The reason behind choosing the tiger as a national animal was to represent the country's natural wealth and it denotes certain features of India like elegance, strength, agility and colossal power. 

The cartoon character Mickey Mouse is loved and remembered for many generations. It was on November 18, 1928, that Walt Disney released Steamboat Willie. This was the first animated film with sound to feature Mickey Mouse. The film and Mickey's character became so famous that it not only earned fame for the Disney Company but dominance in the animation movie market.

Titanic will continue to be an iconic movie in the cinema world. The love story of Rose and Jack are evergreen for many love birds. The music from the motion picture Titanic was released by Sony Music Sound Trax on November 18, 1997. The soundtrack shot to the top of the charts in more than two dozen territories and sold more than 30 million copies. The music became one of the most bestselling albums of all time.  

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