What happened on November 15: Sachin Tendulkar, Waqar Younis made their debuts, Arafat declared independence for Palestine

November 15 is a big day for cricket lovers and players. Two of the game's most iconic players made their debut. Meanwhile, Palestine gets a new directive and Gillette's wonder blade gets a legal edge
Picture: Edexlive
Picture: Edexlive

November 15, 1989 is memorable for both the Indian and Pakistan Cricket teams. It was on this day that Sachin Tendulkar and Waqar Younis made their respective debuts in the test series played between the sides in Karachi, Pakistan. Sachin was only 16 when he made his debut. He went of to be part of the Indian team for nearly 24 years. Similarly, Younis made his debut against India in the same match which Sachin was part of. He took four wickets in this match including the wickets of Tendulkar and Kapil Dev. 

Not too far away, Yasser Arafat, Chairman of the Palestine National Council proclaimed the statehood of Palestine. He issued a declaration of independence for the state of Palestine in the West Bank and Gaza strip on November 15, 1988. 

Meanwhile, almost an entire century before, one of the world's most famous inventions got a US patent — on November 15, 1904. American inventor King Camp Gillette was given a US patent for the first razor with disposable blades. This commodity later became an important part of our lives and is now seen in every household where men shave their facial (and other) hair. 

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