Karnataka's NEET 2021 topper Meghan HK: The CET topper and guitarist who wanted to crack NEET

Meghan HK from Mysore has scored 715 out of 720 marks in NEET UG 2021. This is his strategy for getting ahead 
Picture: Edexlive
Picture: Edexlive

Consistency is the only way to crack exams like NEET, says Meghan HK who secured All India Rank 5 in NEET UG 2021. Meghan scored 715 in NEET. He says, "My parents have been working in two different colleges and I had seen their students become doctors. That's why at the age of 12, I decided that I wanted to become a doctor. I started participating in different Olympiads when I was in high school. This was my first step towards preparing for competitive exams. Later, when I was in Class 11, I started serious preparations for CET and NEET Exams."

Meghan has scored 175 marks out of 180 in Physics, 180 in Chemistry and a total of 360 marks in Biology. When asked what his strategy was to score 360/360 for Biology, he said, "NCERT textbooks play a key role in preparing for NEET exams. Read Class 11 and 12 Biology textbooks of NCERT syllabus. But one shouldn't read a chapter and forget it. I ensured that I revised the chapters once in three days. It's the same for Physics and Chemistry. But Physics involves more of problem-solving hence we must solve more and more problems."

Meghan secured AIR 5 in NEET UG (Picture: Meghan H K)

Besides academics, Meghan stressed on not giving up on hobbies and continuing to enjoy whatever we do. He says, "Hobbies help us remain energetic. It is foolish to leave hobbies and other activities and concentrate only on academics. You take more interest in studies when you want to allocate one hour or half an hour for your hobbies. I played cricket and also guitar to remain energetic and not feel bored of studies."

This is not the first time Meghan has topped a major exam. Earlier, he secured rank 1 in Common Entrance Test conducted for Class 12 students in Karnataka. He says, "I have achieved my aim of securing top rank and I will study at AIIMS in Delhi."

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