IIT Madras stray dog issue: 45 out of 186 captured dogs died, admits Institute 

The dogs, according to the institute's response, died due to old age and illness, while others were "rescued in bad condition"
Image for representational purpose only (Pic: TNIE)
Image for representational purpose only (Pic: TNIE)

IIT Madras had captured 186 stray dogs from its campus, of which 45 had since died, according to the IIT-M Registrar Jane Prasad in a response to a PIL filed by an animal rights group. Animal activists have been raising their voice for a while now against IIT Madras for allegedly creating a facility inside the campus to restrain and sterilise stray dogs.

While the institute says that it had captured 186 dogs, only 10 were released into the campus and 11 were given up for adoption. "The dog management process adopted by the institute is an ongoing process," says the Registrar, adding that the institute has a dog park with a full-time veterinarian.

The dogs, according to the institute's response, died due to old age and illness, while others were "rescued in bad condition." The plea was filed in the Madras High Court by animal activist Arun Prasanna, who is also the founder of People For Cattle in India (PFCI). "This is illegal and inhumane," says Prasanna, who added that the Animal Welfare Board of India has not responded on the matter yet. "What has happened here is murder. How many more dogs will die in this process?" he asked. While speaking with EdexLive previously, Prasanna had accused the IIT of ill-treating animals and said that it has had a history of doing so.

However, in response to his 'wild' claims, the institute also accused Prasanna of defaming it by "orchestrating a social media trial". The institute was referring to a change.org petition that he had started earlier. "There are thousands of change.org petitions. How is this defamatory?" Prasanna asks. Earlier, the IIT, in their letter to the National Green Tribunal had said that the strays are responsible for killing the deer on campus. However, Arun had previously said, "Dogs do not hunt in packs. They only feed on the carcass and do not kill the deer. The wildlife is dying due to the institute's waste management problem and constructions on campus."

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