Ex-Education Minister Nishank's book released at 'Veda and World Peace' event

Speaking on the occasion, Nishank, said in his book he has written about the 'complex problem of existential threats' to the world and how the 'deep knowledge' of the vedas has the solution 
Ramesh Pokhriyal (Pic: PTI)
Ramesh Pokhriyal (Pic: PTI)

'Value-Based Education - A Global Perspective for World Peace' written by former Union Education Minister Ramesh Pokhriyal 'Nishank' was released during international webinar 'Vedas and World Peace' that was organised to hightlight the importance of vedas in today's time.

Sadguru Shri Madhusudan Sai released the book at the event organized to show the importance of Vedas in maintaining world peace. Welcoming the event conducted, he said: "The whole world has to understand that one soul resides in everyone, the earth is one family," and added the Vedas should be translated into all languages".

Speaking on the occasion, Nishank, said in his book he has written about the complex problem of existential threats the world is facing. "Climate change, terrorism, religious conflicts, protective regimes, nuclear weapons to the emerging threat of the Corona virus, cyber warfare, the political and religious tensions that divide us so deeply and it has become abundantly clear that, the solutions to these challenges. To do this, we need new knowledge -- deep knowledge and that knowledge can only come from the Vedas," the former minister said.

Bhuvana Santhanam, conducting the program, called for re-establishing Vedic India and creating a unique environment to announce the power of Veda and its scientific application in various aspects of life.

Upendra Tripathi, coordinator of Ved Vigyan Kendra Banaras said that it is futile to imagine peace without Vedas and also informed about the research work being done in BHU. Tony Nader, President of Maharishi International Universities Worldwide also participated in the event.

Vice President of All India Council for Technical Education Prof MP Punia said Veda-based technology cab be used in every field. On this occasion, the director of Aurobindo Society, Sambhrant Sharma emphasized the need for value-based education and the sister of Brahma Kumaris Sanstha, Shivika emphasized on the research of Vedas.

Among other dignitaries present were Amish Tripathi, Director and author of Nehru Center London, Padma Bhushan Dr Anil Prakash Joshi, Dr Raja Louis, Dr Devi Prasad Tripathi from Maharishi University Holland. All the people described Vedas and Indian philosophy as a sign of world peace.

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