All you need to know about the new exam regulations brought in by Anna University 

The Vice-Chancellor of Anna University said that these changes were being brought in to ensure uniformity  
Anna University | (Pic: EPS)
Anna University | (Pic: EPS)

Here is some good news for those colleges that are affiliated with Anna University and are stumbling at 60 per cent overall fail rate. Anna University's new 2021 regulations have doubled the internal assessment weightage for awarding marks. From 20 per cent, it has now gone up to 40 per cent. The Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) for getting first class, which stood at 7, and has now been brought down to 6.5. Data shows that in January 2019, only 25 per cent of Engineering students managed to clear all the subjects in the first semester. 

While a year-long study break for either a job or entrepreneurship has been permitted, the 2017 rule that made it compulsory for students to complete arrears in four attempts has been scrapped as per the new regulations. An official told the Times of India that earlier, study breaks were allowed only on medical grounds. Also as per the new rule, students can complete up to two online courses in one semester, against one course. 

These changes are a part of the university's bigger plan to bring in uniformity when it comes to engineering education being offered via affiliated and autonomous colleges and also university departments. It is to be noted that affiliated colleges follow a weightage system of 80%:20% for end semester exams and internal tests, while autonomous colleges and university departments follow 60%:40% and 50%:50%. 

Those theory courses with laboratory components will have 50%:50% weightage with regards to end semester and internal assessment, as per the new regulations, and laboratory courses themselves will weigh 60% for internal assessment and end semester examinations. 

Even the number of internal assessments conducted has been brought down to two per semester as opposed to three previously. Each of these internal assessments will be for 100 marks. Individual assignment, case study or mini-project will carry 40 marks and written tests will be for 60 marks. "The candidate's score for 200 marks will be converted to 40 marks," the regulations state. And the end semester examinations will be for 100 marks and the score will be converted to 60 marks. 

The increase in weightage for internal assessment including assignment, case studies and mini-projects will help students gain more active learning and this has also resulted in more outcome-based education, says P Deiva Sundari, Principal, KCG College of Technology. "Pass mark for end semester exam has been retained at 45 to ensure that there is no dilution of standards in evaluating students," she added. 'C' is the new grade that has been introduced by the university and students who clear examinations with 50 marks will be awarded this grade, said a university official. 

Mentioning that the new regulations will offer more flexibility to students, Vice-Chancellor of Anna University, R Velraj, referring to how previous students had to complete arrears in four attempts or redo the course in the fifth semester, he stated, "Engineering colleges said students with arrears were discontinuing courses and joining deemed universities. So, the regulation was dropped."

As opposed to the existing rule that the student can clear an odd semester arrear only in the next odd semester when the course is offered again, the university now allows students to appear for arrear exams in the subsequent semester. If the student is unable to clear it in the first three attempts, the minimum 50 per cent marks in end semester examinations alone can be declared pass, state the new regulations. 

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Clubs for science, literary and fine arts have been included. Colleges are being implored to commence these clubs and students are encouraged to participate in any of these clubs as a part of extracurricular activities, the official said. Another rule the new regulations have brought in is the inclusion of project work in the pre-final semester for students of engineering. 

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