Viral IIT Goa end sem exam paper asks students to frame questions and answer them. Twitter loves it!

The 70-mark paper by IIT Goa said that the questions the students prepare should reflect their understanding of the course
Pic: Edex Live
Pic: Edex Live

Modern problems need modern solutions. Well, the Indian Institute of Technology Goa (IIT Goa) has definitely shown us the way. The institute has found a unique way to evaluate the students in their end semester exams. According to a viral photo of their Analog Circuits question paper for the students of Electrical Engineering, the IIT Goa faculty have asked the students to prepare the questions all by themselves and then go on to answer those.

According to the instructions given on the question paper, which has taken the internet by storm, the students have been asked to write down questions of 60 marks from the lecture materials which was provided to them through the semester. And then, they had to answer those questions. Preparing the questions alone will fetch the students 30 marks and then answering them would earn them 40 marks. The 70-mark paper said that the questions the students prepare should reflect their understanding of the course. It also asked them to avoid discussing with friends as it "may reduce their scores if similarities are found".

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While several educational institutions have chosen to cancel their exams, some are making use of technology and conducting them online. IIT Goa is one of them and the institute is conducting its end semester examinations amid the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic. Their unique way of setting the end semester paper has struck a chord with netizens and students online.

Lauding the efforts of IIT Goa, one user on Twitter wrote, "This is actually difficult if you don't know the concepts thoroughly, and the teachers check the paper thoroughly to catch copying". Another added a tad bit of humour and tweeted, "Truly Moving Towards #AtmanirbharBharat".

It has not been found where the question paper first emerged from or was first shared from, however, a few students on Twitter wrote they received it on their college groups and then was shared widely on social media. It is also not known yet whether the question paper is the brainchild of an IIT Goa professor or a specific faculty at the institute.

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