Karnataka's new Primary and Secondary Education Minister says he will 'simplify the teaching process'. Here's his plan

Even as experts say that keeping schools closed any longer will rob kids of the right to education, minister BC Nagesh has suggested that the dates for reopening schools may be rescheduled
Representative Image | Pic: Express
Representative Image | Pic: Express

Reopening of physical classes for students of Classes 9, 10, 11 and 12 on August 23 may be postponed. Newly appointed minister for Primary and Secondary Education BC Nagesh on Sunday told The New Indian Express that this is a tentative date and the exact schedule will be decided after deliberations with officials to understand if adequate preparations have been made in schools and colleges.

“I was busy reviewing the flood situation and COVID. I am yet to meet my department officials. We need to see if preparations are all done,” Nagesh said. Experts in Bengaluru, meanwhile, listed a few challenges before the new minister on not only the urgent need to ensure reopening of physical classes, but also on fee regulation in private schools, and teacher transfers.

“There is an immediate need to restart physical classes. The earlier decisions were taken in an unscientific manner. This has snatched not only the primary right to education, but also children’s right to nutrition and wellbeing. The first challenge before the new minister is to restart schools, especially for primary class students,” said educationist Niranjan Aradhya.

The minister said, “This portfolio is challenging. But I believe that while facing the challenges, I will build my capacity. I will give these issues more time, read, think and gather enough information before taking a decision.”

On the annual transfer of teachers, he said, “When big organisations, such as State Bank of India, LIC and Indian Railways, can effect transfers at ease, why cannot we? We have made it a big problem and it will be simplified.”

On recruitment of teachers, he said the priority will be primary and high schools as there is a shortage of teachers, especially in English, science and mathematics. The minister said that he wants quality education to reach children, irrespective of the medium of instruction, and hinted at opening more Karnataka Public Schools.

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