IIIT-Delhi introduces programmes in Machine Learning and Cyber-Physical Systems 

The decision has been made taking into account the evolving industry scenario that is witnessing the emergence of paradigm-shifting technologies like AI, Machine Learning and IoT

IIIT-Delhi has recently introduced two new specialisations – Machine Learning and Cyber-Physical Systems – for the students seeking admission in the MTech (ECE) department. 

This decision has been made taking into account the evolving industry scenario that is witnessing the emergence of paradigm-shifting technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and Internet of Things (IoT) among others. Take the Machine Learning market, for instance. According to a report published by Forbes magazine, the global Machine Learning market is projected to grow from $7.3 billion in 2020 to $30.6 billion in 2024, at a robust CAGR of 43%. Since our understanding and use-cases of these technologies are expanding rapidly and each of the above fields is getting increasingly complex, there is an urgent need to provide specialisations within ECE in the MTech programme to produce market-ready individuals.

Future wireless networks will be characterised by a plethora of new use-cases and services. Some examples include smart factories, agricultural IoT, augmented and virtual reality, autonomous driving, telesurgery, and rural broadband. These use-cases will consist of a diverse set of requirements in terms of throughput, latency, reliability, energy efficiency, and capacity. To sustain such applications, innovations in the domains of sensing, computing, and communication are taking place.

In this regard, the newly launched MTech (ECE) program on Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) at IIIT-Delhi aims to train and equip the students with industry-ready skillset on wireless networks and control systems. The program presents an exciting mix of rigorous theory, programming, and hands-on experiments on networked systems. Upon completion of the programme, the student will be able to join the industrial workforce and contribute to the wireless industry.  

Machine learning (ML) methods, on the other hand, involve learning directly from structured and unstructured data to make decisions with minimal human intervention. These methods are now powering several domains like computer vision and image recognition, healthcare, IoTs, transportation, and communication systems, etc. 

The MTech (ECE) program on Machine Learning (ML) seeks to equip students with the foundations of Machine Learning and signal processing theory and methods. The coursework is based on foundational and cutting-edge methods in these areas and is taught by faculty conducting pioneering research in the field. Students can opt for hands-on experience with real-world datasets through a thesis/capstone project as well. This program is intended for students from ECE (and allied branches) who are looking to get a jump-start on a Machine Learning career, with a strong focus on foundational math and theory, programming, and exposure to real-world applications.

The students who join these programs will be on the leading edge of technological research that has the potential to transform the world for the better. Moreover, they will also get the opportunity to enter into collaborations/internships with reputed industry partners and academic laboratories in India and abroad. The introduction of these two new specializations by IIIT-Delhi is great news for individuals who want to become change-makers and contributors to the growth and development of humanity. Interested students can find more details about the new specializations on the official website of IIIT-Delhi. The admissions for MTech (ECE) are now open and the last for the submission of online application is May 3, 2021 (5 pm).  

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