This Haryana Math prof's Love Theory is ground-breaking, logical and sanskari; but he has been suspended

The video shows a mathematics professor at a women’s college in Haryana’s Karnal teaching the love formula in Hindi to his students explaining each word to them
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Image for representational purpose only

Just like any other 'constantly addicted to the phone' millennial (read scrolling through mindless posts and memes on social media) I came across a video which said 'Govt professor suspended for teaching Love Formulae' last night. I could never let go of the opportunity to enlighten myself with some 'Love Formulae'.

A mathematics professor at a women’s college in Haryana’s Karnal is seen teaching the love formulae in Hindi with fervour to his students, explaining every word to them. The professor in question, Charan Singh, who has been suspended by the administration after the video went viral, was delivering the lecture at the college when he was discreetly recorded by one of his own students. The suspension does come as a shock as Singh's theorems are all coherent, follows undeniable logic and most importantly is sanskari — throughout the video he talks about the love after marriage, as it should be.

Singh is not your regular love guru. He explains love, that the human race has failed to decipher since time immemorial, with mathematics. And he made it sound pretty simple.

In the nearly three-minute-long video, the professor is seen writing three formulae on the blackboard: 

Closeness - Attraction = Friendship

Closeness + Attraction = Romantic Love

Attraction - Closeness = Crush

So, it's all a game of addition and subtraction? Damn, what took us so long?

1. Closeness - Attraction = Friendship

When a married couple grow old, they turn into friends. While they still remain close, physical attraction eventually fades away. And that my friends, is called friendship.

Wait, wasn't it the other way round till now? How can the King of Romance be wrong? Shahrukh Khan taught us two decades ago that Pyaar Dosti hai (love is friendship). But according to Singh, that's definitely not the case.

2. Closeness + Attraction = Romantic love

The husband and wife initially have 'closeness' and 'attraction'. If either of the ingredients fails to express themselves, the "romantic love" will be gone. If only the 'closeness' reduces despite feeling 'attraction' towards your partner, there will only cease to be nothing but a physical relationship with no 'closeness'.

The two will stay together for only one purpose, according to him, but will have regular quarrels, for there will be only 'attraction' and no 'closeness'.

He goes on to explain that unlike couples in India, couples in other countries change houses, vehicles, and even partners if any of the 'ingredients' go missing. But in India, husband and wife stay together regardless of not having either 'closeness' or 'attraction' for each other but because it is good for their children. (Kyunki Mera Bharat Mahan

Also, Singh hasn't forgotten his culture and (evidently Sanskari) roots while explaining the formulae. (Love is sacred, for married folks only)

3. Attraction - Closeness = Crush

When there's an 'attraction' but no 'closeness', that equals to crush. The students are heard giggling while the professor goes on explaining each formula and they are even heard responding with a 'yes' to his explanations.

The professor had submitted a written apology after a student showed the video to the principal. He was suspended thereafter. Singh was on special deputation for only six months at the Government PG College in Sector 14 in Haryana, according to several news reports.

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