Karnataka's government college teachers will have to do a self-assessment before they get a raise

From the current academic year, self-assessment is mandatory for teachers working with government degree colleges
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Self-assessment of employees is not just a concept of corporate companies anymore — from this year on even the teachers working with government degree colleges in the state to evaluate themselves to know their strengths and weaknesses, through which the department is trying to improve the quality of teaching.

From the current academic year, self-assessment is mandatory for teachers working with government degree colleges. Currently, it is optional and not mandatory. But, from April 2019 every teacher has to do self-assessment and submit the same to principals concerned.

This has been communicated to principals of all 412 government degree colleges and asked to communicate to all teachers at their respective colleges. According to the officials from the department of collegiate education, this mandatory self-assessment is to improve the quality of classroom teaching.

"If we need to improve the quality of teaching, then it is must for teachers to undergo self Assessment. These Self Assessment forms by each teacher will be evaluated by experts and sent back to them," said a senior official of the department.

Along with the communication to principals, the department has attached a proforma for Self Assessment which has over 35 questions. These forms need to be downloaded from the department website by teachers.

Assessment by students:

The department is already conducting an annual assessment of teachers by students. But considering that most students not involved in this and not major changes from this assessment, the department has now made it mandatory for teachers to take part in Self Assessment.

The mandatory assessment and accreditation of higher education institutions is already there, and on the same lines, the department is conducting self-assessment of teachers. "This self-assessment not just involves academics, it will also cover behavior and discipline aspects of teachers during college hours," added official.

Self Assessment covers:

The self-assessment of teachers covers over 35 areas — Utilisation of Syllabus, Teaching plan in the beginning of the year, Usage of teaching aids, Preparation of teaching material, Innovative teaching methods, Remedial coaching, special lectures delivered beyond curriculum, Performance of students, Preparing students for competitive exams, Hours spending at college every day, Leaves availed, Books published etc.

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