This Chennai-based theatre artist moved to a river island to teach at a community school there

Adith AK talks about why he left his happening life in Chennai to move to the river island of Majuli in Assam to teach and engage with students there — and how it worked out pretty well
Adith was supposed to stay in Majuli for 7 days but it has been 2 years now
Adith was supposed to stay in Majuli for 7 days but it has been 2 years now

Of late, the trend of asking questions like ‘Would you leave everything behind to go live on an island by yourself?‘ is on the rise. So, let's assume I'm asking you this question. How would you answer? Honestly, I would be skeptical about it just like most of you. But here is Adith AK who grabbed the opportunity when it came and has, since then, been living life to the fullest on the river island of Majuli, Assam, using all that the island has to offer.

Verb-al dance: Adith was part of the dance academy called The Verb in Chennai and during his college days, he travelled to Kochi over the weekends to teach dance at the academy’s Kochi branch

Now, to give you an idea of his old life before his adventure began, here is Adith with the explanation, “I am a proud Chennaiite and professionally, I am a theatre artist and a dancer. I also freelance in educational and market research services. Basically, a Jack-of-all-trades kind of guy,” he laughs and continues, “I’d always wanted to drop out of college to pursue acting and dance but, fortunately, or unfortunately, that never happened. Before moving to Majuli, I was a dancer for about 6-7 years and somehow got my big break in acting after years and years practice and auditioning. I didn’t really have a background in theatre, but pursued it anyway because I was passionate about it.”

Authoring now: Adith is currently in the middle of writing books for children and he will be partnering with well-known publishers like Pratham Books

So, why did this theatre artist just up and move to a place unheard of and what does he do there? He replies, “Back in Chennai, I was in my comfort zone. I had a job and I had tons of opportunities to act and dance. And being the adventurous person that I am, I wanted to move out of my comfort zone. That was when a friend of mine connected me with the school I currently work with. I spoke to the Head and as I love working with children, it seemed like a good idea to me. I currently work on integrating art into the mainstream curriculum and teaching-learning process at The Hummingbird School."

Not so little: Adith was a part of The Little Theatre while pursuing acting for the first few years

Now, I'm pretty sure none of you can help but wonder what his life has been like on the island. He explains, "My idea of going there was to just take a sabbatical from my comfort zone here in Chennai. But that sabbatical has only increased as the days have gone by. After I moved there, I knew that there was no turning back. I love working with these children and I am having the time of my life doing what I do. The culture and the idea of community living were what made me stay back. I still try to juggle between all the skills I've developed over the years. And exploring and learning is definitely the kind of lifestyle I want." And it sounds like he always gets what he wants. 

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