Law requires communicating, so you need to know the language well: Former CJI Dipak Misra

The newly formed institute has 30 students in its first batch and is spread across a 33-acre vast campus
Former Chief Justice of India Justice Dipak Misra
Former Chief Justice of India Justice Dipak Misra

Former Chief Justice of India Justice Dipak Misra said that curiosity is the most important aspect of our lives and that without it we would remain static. Inaugurating the Chettinad Academy for Research and Education's School of Law, the former CJI urged the aspiring lawyers to strive to be the best and always be ready to compete.

"The law guides us. Intuitive analysis and intelligent reading are the basic principles of law," said the Misra. "Law requires communicating, articulation, drafting and putting down an idea in text. In this age of globalisation it is needed that you know the language well," he added. The School of Law was inaugurated by Justice Misra in the presence of Former Chief Justice of Sri Lanka, Justice Mohan Peiris, Former Chief Justice of Nepal, Justice Kalyan Shreshtha and Care Trustee MAMR Muthiah among others. The new institute, conceived just threeminths back, spreads across more than 33 acres in Kelambakkam and in addition to 74 courses, will offer specialization in Constitutional, Criminal, Corporate Law and Intellectual Property rights, International Economic Law and Policy, Artibration and Human Rights.

The course will also have capsule courses in Jurisprudence, Tort Law etc by renowned international scholars like Dr Krystian Antonio Complak, an expert in Constitutional Law and Justice Peiris. One of the features of the course that the faculty is keen to stress upon is the regular Mooting Culture along with regular visits to the prison, police starions, NGOs and Tribunal Commission to help the students get an insight into the application of the theory that they learn.

Speaking at the inauguration, Justice Mohan Peiris stressed upon the need to have fluency in English to be able to present the idea in court, "Language is a tool that lawyers have to use to put forward their ideas and thoughts and also put them in writing. But over time the style of language used has evolved. There is no need to use convoluted language that others cannot understand. There are usage of Latin but that is only occasional."

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