Student filmmaker Vijayavarthan P talks about his passion for the art and his latest short film Storm

Vijayavarthan believes that his short films are unique because they bring out real human emotions
20-year-old Vijayavarthan P is a student of Visual Communication at SRM University
20-year-old Vijayavarthan P is a student of Visual Communication at SRM University

For 20-year-old Vijayavarthan P, a student of SRM University, filmmaking was a conscious choice. Being an emotional person, Vijayavarthan had the advantage of bringing out genuine emotions of human beings that are not often visible. A student of BSc Visual Communication, he did his internship assisting in Jayam Ravi's upcoming movie. This student is also a short film filmmaker. His first film was Manaoli and the second was Uyiroviae, which bagged an official screening at the In Shorts festival in Laos, Nigeria. 

Winning spirit: The short film storm is about a married couple who overcame several storms in their life

He is currently working on a web series and just released his third short film — Storm. It's about a couple that's recently married and living happily, but suddenly, they face some trauma. Using the word 'storm' as a metaphor, Vijayavarthan brought out the fact that storms usually cause damage and then leave. But the consequences remain for a long time. In the film, the storm is about certain pregnancy laws and the story is about how they overcame their challenges. 

Speaking about how his films are unique, he says, "I am an emotional person at heart, so I like to express human emotions through the script. My films usually explore the grey side of human emotions. Emotions are not always what you see on the outside." He adds, "Most of my knowledge about filmmaking happened by watching YouTube or reading blogs. I love filmmaking because I love telling stories."

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