A Bhopal school sends 14 students from class VII and IX to Bangalore Lit Fest, gets back inspired and aware citizens

The students have admitted to a change in perspective and firm believes and a depth in understanding  various issues after attending some sessions
The fourteen students were selected by the school and were accompanied by staff| Bangalore Lit Fest
The fourteen students were selected by the school and were accompanied by staff| Bangalore Lit Fest

The Bangalore Literature Festival 2017 gave a team of 14 students from Sagar Public School, Bhopal, of a varied age group between class seven and nine, the chance to watch the lit fest. The students were selected by the school and  a few inspired by the sessions to buy more books while others said they would take back a different ideology.  

Pragya Sharma, a student of class IX said that her perspective of looking at Indian literature changed after a session. "There was a session on women and mythology. Typically, when we look at it, we have been looking at male protagonists. This session helped me see characters like Radha, Kaushalya and Sita in a different light," she said.  Sharma was quick to add, "Even characters like Shurpanaka and Draupadi are underplayed. Without Shurpanka, Rama would never meet Ravana."

She said she had acquired a new perspective of looking at stories that was predominantly perceived to have male protagonists. Ask these students and they all say that it was sessions with cricketers Anil Kumble and Rahul Dravid that had them inspired.  "We were told about the hardships that cricketers those days had to face. They were paid Rs 250 only for playing a test match. Even out of this, Rs 50 would be deducted based on the time that it would consume. I did not know this," said an excited Priyanshu Makhwana.

He said that this brought in him a fighting spirit to face challenges in life. Meanwhile, students were also motivated by the cricketers to pick books authored by them or about them. "I have picked books of both Kumble and Dravid. I was so inspired to hear their stories. I have learnt how important it is to adjust with what one has," said class seven student Daksh Mehta.  

These students were accompanied by the school staff. Alpa Prabhu, vice principal, Sagar Public School said, "These are kids with special interest for literature. They aspire to be writers or poets. We take them to lit fests across the country as it gives them an insight into the works," she added.  

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