Bizarre alert: Kerala teacher bites 24 minor students as 'prize' after class exam, school tries to keep it hush

The teacher is reported to have tendered an apology and the case-file is said to have been closed temporarily
The children were immediately sent for medical aid but sustained no serious injuries | Representative image
The children were immediately sent for medical aid but sustained no serious injuries | Representative image

In a bizarre incident, an ex-serviceman last week bit 24 students of class IV as a prize for an exam he had conducted. The prize, which was reportedly not meant to cause pain or harm, left some visible evidence on their skin with some students sporting teeth marks. The incident occurred at a school in Mahe here and as news spread school authorities tried to hush down the issue by trying to settle it with the parents.

The incident occurred last Friday after the teacher declared a prize for the winners of the exam.  As he announced their names, some students inquired about the prize to which "a bite" was his answer. He duly bit all the students irrespective of their marks in the exam. 

"He is very popular among the students and very caring and loving," said PTA president K  Radhakrishnan. "We are still wondering what drove him to do such a crazy act," he said. Although the bite was not severe and not intended to hurt the kids, it left teeth marks on some of the students. Parents of one of the students took their kid to the Pallur Government Hospital and sought medical aid. 

Soon, the issue was the talk of the town and the officials went on a cover-up drive. They called a PTA meeting and the issue was discussed in detail.  The controversial teacher is said to have tendered his apology in the meeting and the school officials decided to close the file for the time being. 

Ali Akbar Hashim, NSU (I) state vice president, Mahe, lodged a complaint with Childline on the issue. Though parents and school officials reached an agreement to keep the incident within the institute, things spiralled out of control with the complaint registered with the Childline. 

To get a clear picture of the incident, Mahe Educational Officer-in-charge T Surendrababu is scheduled to meet the parents today.

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