No Cash: After Mersal, STR's Demonetisation Anthem goes viral. And it's HILARIOUSLY Glocal!

Kabilan Vairamuthu says that there hasn't been any negative reaction from political circles despite their taking potshots at the government, Rajini, Kamal and GST
Beep song hero comes back with a bang, this time its for demonetisation
Beep song hero comes back with a bang, this time its for demonetisation

After all the flak that Vijay's Mersal earned from the BJP, it now looks like it's STR's turn to poke the bear. Except he's not just hitting GST, he's sung a Demonetisation Anthem which has lyrics by Kabilan Vairamuthu and the song was released on Wednesday - the day on which Twitter had #OneYearOfDemonetisation trending. 

With 2.5 lakh views and counting within a day, the song has effectively gone viral. The chorus, that has the lyrics No Money on loop, are catchy and is vaguely reminiscent of STR's other controversial song - Beep Song. We asked Kabilan Vairamuthu whether he'd gotten any flak from the BJP brigade and he said, "The song is trending now, that's the reaction, honestly. But there has been no reaction from political parties to me directly. I don't know if the producers have heard anything directly." Thousands of young people have been flooding cyberspace with memes and posts slamming demonetisation — and this hilariously GLOCAL song is the perfect fodder for them to share. 

Perhaps there will be some reaction if they were to check the Comments section on the YouTube page - one comment reads "Next CM candidate is ready!", though STR may want to watch out now! However, the buzz for the song and the movie that it will feature in Thattrom Thookrom has been overwhelmingly good, "There has been a lot of positive response from friends in the cinema circle," he added. This, despite the fact that the video has visuals of both Superstar Rajinikanth's and Kamal Haasan's tweets praising PM Narendra Modi and demonetisation.

Explaining how they came up with the song, Kabilan told us that he was merely channelling his inner anguish, "Demonetisation affected everyone and we have tried to capture the emotions that every Indian citizen went through during that period."

They will be releasing the song with English subtitles soon so that it reaches a larger audience. Wonder what BJP stalwarts H Raja and Tamilisai Soundarajan will have to say about that!

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