Not happy with your CBSE board exam paper? Start a petition on like 70 other students and parents who are asking for 'leniency'

Parents, teachers and students are posting petitions on urging everyone from the MHRD Ministry to Narendra Modi to go easy with the CBSE board exam corrections for various reasons
Not happy with your CBSE board exam paper? Start a petition on like 70 other students and parents who are asking for 'leniency'

Unhappy with the CBSE question paper? Tenth and twelfth graders across the country who have been cribbing about how tough their papers have been, have found a new way to vent their ire — start a petition on

Yep, you read that right. Where in previous generations students would pray to their deities, cry for hours on end about missed centums and ask their parents to pay for retotalling and reevaluation of papers, millennials are taking matters into their own hands.  

Since March 9, the website on which people post petitions to support causes they believe in, has seen no less than 70 petitions from 12th and 10th graders from India and abroad, asking the board for grace marks and lenient correction. They're not alone. Parents and teachers have also joined in and what's surprising is the number of people who are signing these petitions — believing that someone might actually feel pressured into handing marks out.

Spurred on by students creating petitions about one tough paper, petitions started popping up by the dozen — Physics, Mathematics, Accountancy, Business studies. There are petitions saying all these examinations were difficult. Ironically, some of them are clueless to the extent where they've addressed the petition to Smriti Irani, who relinquished the MHRD portfolio quite some time ago.

Take a look at some of the tear-jerker petitions asking for lenient corrections:

While most of them are addressed to the Chairman of the CBSE and Prakash Javadekar, some of the students think that Smriti Irani is still the Union HRD Minister. 

Sounds unbelievable? Have a look at this screenshot:

Wait. That's not it! This petition addressed to Manish Sisodia, Deputy Chief Minister of Delhi, who probably has as much sway over the CBSE as India has over Pakistan, takes the cake

We spoke to Prince Gajendra Babu, general secretary, State Platform for Common School System about why so many petitions were popping up. He opined that the CBSE was to blame. "I'd call this trend a healthy one. The students have used this platform to express themselves. The CBSE has put too much pressure on the students and has failed as a system to make its students confident," he said.

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