With Collegeday, you can make the right choice when it comes to choosing a university abroad

Santosh Gupta founded Vasyaa Group of Services in the year 2011. And today, the group operates in Hyderabad, Dubai, Singapore and Vietnam
Santosh Gupta receiving an award | (Pic: Collegeday)
Santosh Gupta receiving an award | (Pic: Collegeday)

At some point or the other, we have all considered studying abroad. But once one expresses this desire, the din of advice that follows can be confusing. Amidst all this, Collegeday could serve as a much-needed respite an aspirant did not know they needed. Collegeday is a one-stop platform that helps you chose a perfect-fit university. And there is much more to it than just that, or so we discovered during our interaction with the Chairman Santosh Gupta. To give you a little background about Santosh, after studying in the USA and working for more than ten years, he started the Hyderabad-based Vasyaa Group of Services and then Vasyaa Overseas Education, yet, "I wanted to do more for students who prefer everything online," says Gupta, who was born in Hyderabad. 

They have 4,500 universities on their platform

Thus, after three years of rigorous research where the aim was to not only offer a platform but also facilitate admissions, Collegeday was conceptualised and launched recently. This platform — which is a website and also available in the form of an app both on Google Play Store and Apple's App Store — not only has filters which make narrowing down your choice easier, you can also interact with university officials directly, apply to universities and even opt for thorough documentation checks, including that of Statement of Purpose, "because these are the small things that count," he says and rightly so.

On screen: Screenshots from the app | (Pic: Collegeday)

While countries like the UK and the US continue to attract students, Gupta wanted to bring universities of countries like Singapore and Vietnam into the limelight as well. "Students need to be made aware of the other opportunities waiting to be explored in other countries," says Gupta, who was awarded the Global Achievers Award in the field of education by a former Deputy Prime Minister of Thailand. He also informs us that they host webinars with officials from various universities, during which aspirants will have the chance to clear all their doubts which will help them make a much more informed decision when it comes to choosing a university. Bagging an admission is not their endpoint. They also help with the visa application process, another area in which both students and parents tend to have a lot of questions.

The universities they have on their platform are from 35 countries

Talking about the future, Gupta says that they also want to extend their platform to universities in Egypt, Brazil and the Gulf. MoUs might be in order and the mission is to make Collegeday a more globalised platform.

Tracking trends
Here's is what Gupta says the trends look like when it comes to picking countries to study abroad

- UK: Due to the UK's recent visa extension norms, the country is currently one of the hot picks
- Canada: They have reached their threshold and looks like their 2020 applications have filled up too
- Europe: It is possible to get decent scholarships nowadays and avoid IELTS provided your English is superlative
- Russia: As a part of their curriculum, Russia provides Russian classes and not many know this

For more on them, check out collegeday.online

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