South Indian Bank introduces national-level quizzing event for college students

The quiz competition, open to all college students, is divided into three rounds and promises a cash prize of Rs 1,50,000 to the winning team 
Pic Credit: EdexLive
Pic Credit: EdexLive

The South Indian Bank launched a nationwide quizzing event for college students on Friday, November 17. 

In an official press statement, the bank announced that it is introducing the SIB Ignite Quizathon, which has been “crafted to captivate and inspire college students nationwide, motivating them to exhibit their general knowledge and enrich their understanding of diverse subjects.”

The competition is open to the participation of all college students to display their knowledge in a wide range of subjects, irrespective of their course and academic discipline. According to the statement, these subjects include, “current affairs, renowned individuals, sports, business, technology, arts, history, and geography.”

Rules and structure of the quizzathon

The quizathon would take place in eight regions all over India, to enable students from these areas to “engage in friendly competition and display their quiz acumen”.

Each college can send in a maximum of two teams to represent them, to ensure that equitable participation is maintained. 

The quizathon is structured in three rounds or phases. 

The first round is a preliminary round, conducted online to allow teams from each school to participate. This acts as a qualifier level for the next round. 

The top eight teams in the qualifier round from each region would then advance to the zonal level, conducted in person. In this round, the quick thinking and problem-solving abilities of the participants would be tested. 

In the zonal round, the top team from each zone would then proceed to the last and third round; the grand finale. Each of these teams, all from one of the eight zones, would compete for the much-coveted title of “national champion”.

The prizes at the national level are as follows:

First place (National Champion): Rs 1,50,000

Second place (Runner-up): Rs 1,00,000

Third place: Rs 60,000

Interested students can register here before November 30

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