ThrowBackToday: The day after the blast that made Bhagat Singh heard far and wide

In today's #TBT, we ask you, do you remember the time when two revolutionaries bombed the Central Legislative Assembly in Delhi? The intention was not to harm, but to be heard. And boy, did they hear
Bhagat Singh | (Pic: Internet)
Bhagat Singh | (Pic: Internet)

Behron ko sunne ke liye dhamake ki zaroort hoti hain (For the deaf to hear, a blast is needed), said Bhagat Singh famously. The revolutionary along with Batukeshwar Dutt threw two bombs in Central Legislative Assembly at Delhi. That too while it was in session on April 8, 1929. This was the blast that he metaphor-ed which was needed to be heard by the British, whose atrocities on India and Indians were going up, notch by notch, every day. What they wanted to say was that revolution was an idea whose time had finally come. And that was the sole idea, not to harm or injure. This is why no one died as the bombs were thrown strategically away from the people. Of course, what happened the next day, that is on April 9, 1929, is anybody's guess. 

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Slogans like 'Inquilab Zindabad’, ‘Workers of the World Unite’ and ‘Down with Imperialism' reverberated through the corridors, exactly as per the plan of Singh. Did you know that the Indian socialist revolutionary was inspired by Auguste Vaillant, a French man who in the year 1893 had bombed the French Chamber of Deputies, to execute this bombing? Vaillant was executed for the same act.

The duo was also raising their voice against the draconian law Defence of India Act which would have inevitably granted almost supernatural powers to the British police.

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